Summer Car Tips: Three easy ways to make sure that your car beats the heat this summer

April 30th, 2021 by

Even as the weather transitions from cold and dreary to warm and sunny, car maintenance and checkups are still a must no matter what the season. To make sure your vehicle is running and ready to go for all your summer fun here are a few of our recommendations.


  1. Check and double check your fluids
    • Transmission, power steering, coolant and windshield wiper fluid levels can all drop when temperatures rise so it’s important to keep an eye on them in the coming months. Specifically, coolant is an important one to check as this fluid protects engines from overheating and protects damage to the water pump, head gasket, among other things. It is recommended that your vehicle’s cooling systems be flushed periodically, and the necessary mix of coolant and water be added to your vehicle, per manufacturer’s standards.
  2. Monitor your tire pressure
    • Tires are always an important item to check, no matter what the season. But if you’re preparing for a summer road trip you might want to take the time to check your tire tread and pressure. Tire pressure fluctuates depending on the season and, on average, tires can drop about 1 PSI for every 10-degree drop in air temperature. It is recommended to inflate tires to your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure.
  3. Check your battery
    • Oftentimes, the battery of a vehicle can be forgotten when it comes to maintenance. But in the summertime, heat can accelerate fluid loss and promote the oxidation of key battery components. Be sure to clean any corrosive buildup from battery terminals and cable clamps. Additionally, if a battery is over three years old it’s recommended to get it tested to see how much longer it will last. We would be happy to help you with this and you can go to schedule your next service with us. For more tips on battery maintenance here are more helpful tips.
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