Why You Should Never Skip an Oil Change

February 28th, 2023 by

Have you looked at your Hyundai’s dipstick recently? Regular car maintenance can be easily forgotten. While it can be tempting to drive around without an oil change, even after the suggested mileage, it’s important to never skip one. Here are the top reasons on why you should never skip an oil change:

It Lubricates Your Engine

Many of your Hyundai’s engine components are constantly moving as you cruise down the road. In order to avoid any damages to those parts, they need to be properly lubricated. Oil plays a huge role in this. The heat from your engine breaks the oil down and it becomes contaminated with dirt and debris making it impossible to do its job. The engine could seize up and it would need to be replaced. The longer you wait to get your oil changed, the more wear there is on your engine.

It Regulates Engine Temperature

Moving parts in your engine creates friction, which in turn creates heat. Engine oil reduces and absorbs the heat created by the friction. As oil ages, it breaks down and loses its ability to do this important job which can lead to your engine overheating.  Avoid any excessive engine heat with a properly scheduled oil change.

It Removes Debris

As oil circulates through the engine, it picks up dirt, dust and other contaminants that can cause the oil to thicken up and cause the moving parts in your engine to work harder through the sludge. During an oil change, the oil is drained from the vehicle which helps remove any particles and sludge from your engine’s system.  A technician will also replace your oil filter with every oil change.

It Gives You Better Gas Mileage

No one likes spending money on gas. A poorly lubricated engine can’t perform properly which means it will burn more gas per mile. A routine oil change can improve your gas mileage by 2%, which is equivalent to a free tank of gas a year.

It Increases Your Car’s Life Span

It’s no lie that a properly maintained Hyundai will last longer than those who skip critical maintenance. An engine that works too hard will end up with a shorter life span and a lower value if you plan to sell it or trade it. Having record of your regular maintenance shows good signs that your car has been cared for.

Getting your oil changed regularly may seem like a hassle but it’s a vital task to keep your car running smoothly.  Check out our oil change offers & schedule your service today.