Top 5 Myths About Buying a New Hyundai

April 30th, 2023 by

If you’re in the market for purchasing your first Hyundai, you’ve probably run into a lot of great advice from your friends or family about the best way to buy a car. Although we respect their opinion, some advice is either outdated or just plain wrong.

It is very important to stay informed and know we have lots of tools to make car shopping easier and more transparent than ever. But remember, your needs are close to the salesperson’s goal. So here are a list of car-buying myths and old tips that you should ditch:

1) It’s Best to Avoid Used Cars

Used cars are great options for prospective car buyers who want a decent car without spending a lot of money. Although many people think that it’s best to stay away from used cars, at Patrick Hyundai we provide a detailed Carfax history report to all our buyers. Of course, you should stay away from any cars that might include a red flag, but otherwise buying a used car can save you a ton of money.

2) Rainy Days are The Best Days

Although this is a myth now, this used to be true. The idea was that bad weather would stop people from coming in and the dealership would be desperate to move cars. As the word of this got out, more and more people started coming in on rainy days making the dealership wet and crowded.

3) Get a Better Deal with Cash Payments

You may have heard the term “Cash is King”, which generally is correct. However, when it comes to purchasing a new car, cash doesn’t always give the best price. Not all dealerships will offer a discount for cash, instead you will notice more incentives when it comes to leasing or financing. You should look for cash-only incentives if you are considering paying in full, or the reality is you might end up paying more.

4) You Need to Put Down a Large Down Payment

While it’s true that a larger down payment will lower your monthly payments, you don’t have to put down a large amount to get a new car. Many people can get into a new Hyundai with little or no money down.

5) Don’t Finance at the Dealership

Most banks and credit unions are willing to finance your car loan, but most dealerships have special agreements with banks and credit unions allowing you to get special discounts if you finance through them. You can get the same rate at a discounted price.

Buying a new Hyundai shouldn’t be a painful process. Visit us today in person or online to learn more about our selection of new and used vehicles and schedule a test drive today!