Summer Hacks to Cool Down Your Hot Hyundai

May 31st, 2024 by

Entering a vehicle that has been parked in direct sunlight for hours is never enjoyable on a scorching day. You risk burning yourself on seat belt buckles, steering wheels, gear shifts, and scorching seats. Even if you avoid burns, you’ll still be sweating while waiting for the AC to cool down the car.

These tips and tricks will help you cool your Hyundai down this summer, making it easier to stay comfortable as you hit the road in search of summer fun!

  1. Park Smart

On an unbearably hot day with no clouds in sight, finding some shade to park in will make your car much more comfortable to return to. Ideally, you’d want to find a parking garage. If that’s not possible, parking beneath trees on the edge of a lot or in the shade of a building can keep your car cooler and be worth the extra walk.

  1. Cover Your Vehicle Interior

Keep some blankets or large beach towels in your car to cover the seats while parked. This is especially effective for dark-colored seats that absorb more heat. Your bare legs will thank you if you’re wearing shorts or a dress.

During the summer months, it might be worth using lighter colored fabric seat covers, especially if you have dark leather seats.

  1. Use a Windshield Sunshade

Use a sunshade whenever you exit your car for more than a few minutes. For extended periods, enhance the cooling effect by placing a sunshade in your rear window too.

It’s understandable to want to maintain the sleek appearance of your luxury vehicle without compromising on style with a less sophisticated sunshade. Check out our parts department to order a nicer-looking sunshade but can also keep your car cool (appearance & temperature).

  1. Turn Your Steering Wheel

During scorching summer days, gripping the steering wheel can feel like holding onto a hot pan. Here’s a simple trick: before you park, turn your wheel 180 degrees so that the part where you typically rest your hands is shielded from direct sunlight. When you return to drive, simply adjust the wheel back to its normal position, and you’ll notice a cooler touch!

  1. Tint Your Hyundai Windows

Window tints are designed to let a little light come through the windows while effectively blocking the sun’s thermal rays. Schedule your window tinting service today.

Follow these tips from Patrick Hyundai and you can enter your Hyundai without the risk of burning any body parts.