Hyundai Warranty vs. Toyota Warranty

November 14th, 2018 by

When Chicagoland drivers need a vehicle they can depend on, they know that few can compare to America’s Best Warranty. Protecting your car or crossover from Schaumburg to Schenectady, the Hyundai Warranty trumps the competition, including Toyota’s warranty. Though Toyota may have a reputation for dependability, Hyundai backs their reputation up.

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Hyundai vs. Toyota: Powertrain Warranty

The powertrain warranty is one of the most important for a new vehicle: it covers the engine, drivetrain, and other essential, expensive elements.

New Hyundai models have a 100,000-mile / 10-year powertrain warranty.
The Toyota powertrain warranty is just 5 years / 60,000 miles.

Hyundai vs. Toyota: Basic Warranty

Sometimes called the “bumper-to-bumper” warranty for how comprehensive it is, the basic warranty includes features like radio and audio systems, battery, wear items, paint, and more.

New Hyundai models have a 60,000-mile / 5-year New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
The Toyota basic warranty is just 3 years / 36,000 miles.

Hyundai vs. Toyota: Additional Warranty Coverage

These warranties are pretty comprehensive, but what about rust damage? Roadside assistance? Hybrid batteries? Hyundai gives drivers peace of mind with the following additional warranties:

7-year/Unlimited Mileage Anti-Perforation Warranty
5-year/Unlimited Mileage Roadside Assistance
Lifetime Hybrid Battery Warranty

Toyota does have additional warranty coverage, but it’s nowhere near as comprehensive:

5-year/Unlimited Mileage Rust-Through Coverage

See Why Drivers Choose Hyundai

At Patrick Hyundai, we think it’s easy to see why so many Chicagoland drivers choose Hyundai over other brands; the warranty benefits alone mark each Hyundai car and crossover as a smart investment. Now that you’ve seen how Hyundai and Toyota compare, let us show you what a new Hyundai feels like with a test drive.

Contact us today to schedule some time behind the wheel, and we can answer any questions you might have about the Hyundai warranty or what sets Hyundai apart from competitors like Toyota or Kia. Also be sure to learn more about Hyundai safety ratings and 2020 Chicago Auto Show news with our experts.

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