How to Decorate Your Hyundai for Halloween

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How to Decorate Your Hyundai for Halloween

Many people enjoy celebrating Halloween. While decorating your home is a very common tradition, some people choose to decorate their vehicle. With Halloween right around the corner, now is the perfect time to dress up your vehicle. Whether it’s for a local Trunk or Treat event or for some holiday fun, here are a few tips for decorating your vehicle for Halloween.

Pick a Theme

Don’t be scared to get creative with a theme that speaks to you. Instead of randomly placing Halloween decorations on your car, pick a theme for a more cohesive look. Your theme can be based on your favorite movie, character, or even a spooky location like a graveyard.

Know Where to Purchase your Decorations

Once you have figured out your theme, head to your local party store to purchase your decorations. These stores sell specific car accessories such as eyelashes, bat wings, and even shark fins for the top of your car. These items will be more durable and able to undergo rain and wind.

You can also purchase materials at your local dollar store or create a DIY project out of items you may have at home already. Such as cutting scary teeth from Styrofoam or cardboard, making ghosts out of sheets, or using hay for an outdoorsy vibe. If you want to keep it simple, bloody stickies or hanging fake limbs from your trunk will do the trick as well!

"Day of the Dead" themed Hyundai decorated for Halloween at Patrick Hyundai.

“Day of the Dead” themed Hyundai decorated for Halloween at Patrick Hyundai.

Make Sure Your Decorations are Safe

We encourage you to have fun with your Halloween decorations but remember that driving safely is still very important. Consider these tips before you decorate your Hyundai:

  • Clean the exterior before applying decorations
  • Make sure your windshield, rear window, sensors, cameras, brake lights, headlamps, and mirrors are clear at all times. Check your owner’s manual to find the sensors
  • Do not put anything near your tires or exhaust
  • Do not use decorations that could drag on the ground or interfere with other drivers
  • Choose washable supplies made specifically for your Hyundai
  • Don’t leave decorations on for too long. Use a granite cleaner to remove residue completely

If you are having any trouble cleaning your vehicle after Halloween, Patrick Hyundai is here to help! Call us at 847-230-8221 or make an appointment to schedule your detail.

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