How Are You Celebrating National Car Care Month?

April 15th, 2023 by

April is the time of the year when you start giving your Hyundai some extra care and attention. It’s a month when winter has officially come to an end, long road-trips have begun, and National Car Care Month is observed.

Basic maintenance can improve your vehicle’s safety and dependability, while preventing costly issues down the road. No matter what Hyundai model you are driving, take note of our car care tips this National Car Care Month:

1) Replace Tires

The first thing you should check are your tires. This includes checking tire pressure, the wear on your treads and look for any cuts or other damage. You may have to align your tires depending on the wear but if you notice any significant damage, make sure to get your tires replaced. Order your tires.

2) Check the Brake System

During the cold, wintery days, you may have hit your brakes more often than usual due to the icy or snowy roads. Make sure to check your brakes for any grinding noise or if you’re stopping distance has increased. For proper working of your brake system, schedule an inspection today.

3) Check Fluids

There are many different fluids that should be checked out. Now is your opportunity to get a complete overhaul on your fluids. Make sure your brake, transmission, power steering, coolant and windshield washer fluids are all filled and don’t forget to refill when necessary.

4) Fix the Small Repairs

During the winter months, ice and dirt can cause stains, chips, and cracks throughout your vehicle. If left unattended, those can grow with changes in the temperature and turn into major issues. Get a free quote on all repairs.

5) Schedule a Routine Visit

A routine visit to the shop allows your Hyundai to be fully inspected by a professional. Schedule an appointment and take the time to protect your investment and prevent significant repairs in the future.

Our reliable team of certified technicians at Patrick Hyundai will perform quality work on your Hyundai whether you need routine maintenance or significant repairs. Call us today: 847-230-8221 or visit us online.