Why Service your Hyundai at Patrick Hyundai?

April 29th, 2020 by

Your journey with Patrick Hyundai does not stop after your purchase. Our factory trained & certified service team is here to help continue to keep your Hyundai looking and running like new. Our service center not only handles your regularly scheduled Hyundai maintenance, but we provide the services below:

• Detail Work (Full, Exterior or Interior)
• Dent / Paintless Removal
• Alloy Wheel Repair
• Car Interior Repair
• Auto Glass Repair
• Tire Repair / Replacement
• Certified Collision or Body Shop Repairs

Why do we offer these additional services? I am sure you’ve heard that buying a car is the next biggest purchase to buying a home. For most people, the upkeep on major appliances in your home are generally repaired by trained experts in order to keep them running efficiently; so why wouldn’t you trust someone who was trained to repair your Hyundai no matter what your needs may be?

Let’s look at this a couple of ways. A big cost item in your home is a water heater which has 15 major parts and a Hyundai has approximately 30,000 parts. Some people like to do repairs with an independent shop and although independent shops might be able to service a Hyundai and could cost less in labor, technicians at Patrick Hyundai are specialists; they are manufacturer-trained and work only on Hyundai. Hyundai USA requires ongoing training for our entire service staff, which includes not only the service technicians but also the service manager, advisors and support staff. Independent shops aren’t required to complete the additional training, plus they service all makes and models while we only service Hyundai.

The additional services are here for you in the event your vehicle gets hit by a shopping cart in the parking lot, your windshield gets hit with a rock while driving behind a dump truck with no cover on it, or heaven forbid you should you become a victim of a collision. We only work and hire the best in the business so why shouldn’t you service your Hyundai with only the best?

At Patrick Hyundai, your relationship starts with the service advisor who is in close contact with the technician working on your Hyundai. Recommended services are part of our commitment to each customer. Our service advisors meet with the technician that worked on your Hyundai, talk about the services completed and provides additional service believed to help keep your Hyundai running it tip top shape.
We also offer Patrick Direct Service, a simple and easy way for you to service your Hyundai from online, by phone, by email or anywhere. We even have a shuttle service available for you while your vehicle is in for service to drive you anywhere within 10 miles of our store. Does your independent shop have that for you?

You are not just a number to us! Our dealership is family owned and has been in Schaumburg, IL since 2005. Named after our owner, Hanley Dawson III’s youngest son Patrick, our dealerships embody the spirit of family that extends to our staff and all our customer relationships.
So, the next time you need any type of service, collision or body shop repairs on your Hyundai why not work with a Hyundai dealership who is working for you and has everything you need. With Patrick Direct, it’s easy…it’s safe…it’s a Patrick thing!


Taking care of you every day, that’s the Patrick Promise!

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