Top Road Trip Apps

Road Trip Apps for your Next Trip

Are you planning on a winter road trip with your family? I came across some pretty awesome road trip app ideas. From entertaining to helpful, you can't go wrong. Charge your smartphones and get ready for this awesome list of road trip apps thanks to Before heading out make sure to have all your apps loaded and ready to go. Make sure that your passenger is the one operating the smartphone while on the road. If you are driving alone, limit distracted driving and keep your eyes on the road. If you need to fiddle with the app make sure to pull over.

Roadtrippers: Try the road trip planning app called Roadtrippers. It helps you set your route and select scenic attractions along the way.

TripCase: This looks like another great app to utilize. With this app you can organize your destinations spots to avoid along with weather conditions.

Google Maps
. This app is a great smartphone GPS and easy to use. It makes driving safer for you and your family.

TV Food Maps. Tihs is the perfect road trip app as everyone will get hungry and you may want to stop for some food.  But get this, this app shows you popular spots to visit that were featured on The Food Network and the Travel Channel!

FoodTripping and FoodSpotting
: These help you plan your food stops as well as shows what is nearby based on your location.

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