Hyundai Enters Accessible Luxury Segment

March 14th, 2011 by

Hyundai’s launch of the i40 D-class vehicle at the International Geneva Motor show marks the Japanese automaker’s entry into the luxury car market. Just as you’d imagine, the grand debut sparked a lot of interest. Competitors and admirers alike flocked to the Hyundai stand to take a peek at the sleek, blue station wagon on display.

The new luxury Hyundai boasts a handful of competitive features such as heated and reclining front seats, a heated steering wheel, and an active demisting system. Hyundai may be best known for their small compact sedans, but this new premium model is certain to keep other luxury car makers looking over their shoulder.

Volkswagen’s chairman, who is striving to make the German automaker dominate the industry, even conceded that Hyundai is the one company that could hinder his ambitions. “I think it is very flattering,”1 said Allan Rushforth, Chief of Hyundai Motor Europe, in response. But, he also added that Hyundai is less concerned with its place in the auto industry landscape and more with broadening its appeal, growing its brand exposure, and selling bigger cars at improved margins.

Hyundai’s new luxury i40 D-class wagon is scheduled to go on sale this summer and will be followed closely by a sedan version at the end of the year. The goal is to sell 60,000 of these new models next year, which would put it in the top-six of its class. Rushforth has also revealed that the new luxury Hyundai may be rolled out into other markets in the future, as well.

Stay tuned for more details on Hyundai’s new luxury car, coming soon. Patrick Hyundai in greater Chicago, Illinois is dedicated to keeping you informed.


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